Come back to our “Daadi–Naani” ideology of Purity, Trust, & Care, when it comes to selecting food for the family!

Granny’s is an App-Based Grocery Store for 100% Organic & Desi products!

We deliver Oils, Honey, Ghee, Salt, Jaggery, Flours (Aata), Rice, Pulses, Spices (Masala) etc. from Farms to your kitchen!

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How it works

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Why Granny’s

Why Choose Granny


Granny’s Desi

Granny’s Desi are the products which has a story and a passionate Farmer, FPO (Farmers Producer Organization) or Agri-Entrepreneur behind it. We aim to give them a strong marketplace by strengthening them financially through our platform.


Granny’s Organics

Granny’s Organics are the range of 100% Organically Certified products procured from farms to your kitchen. No organic product is allowed to be listed here, without proper Certification.


Granny’s Mission

Mission is to be India’s everyday wellness store, where you will find variety of products for your daily life in the purest form, commercially available. Our team takes the effort to reach out to the nook and corners of our country to bring out the best.


Granny’s Vision

Vision is to get rid of synthetic & chemical based products which have become an interim part of our Food & Life. We aim to eradicate all these products from your kitchen and replace them with Desi and Organic products.


What users say about us

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Founder's Dream

Why is it that in the era of foods and Superfoods, we still seem to be confused about what to eat? Why is it that our farmers are suffering at the hands of the modern economy? We civilized for food and yet it is food that is failing our civilization. Must it be this way? Absolutely not!

Living across 15 different Indian states, witnessing and learning about India’s rich food culture, gave our founder, Sachin Kumar (SK) , one small wish – to make India healthy again, effortlessly. This is the idea behind Granny’s. Founded on purity, trust, and care, we aim to bring to your table health and wellness, along with the goodness of humanity, compassion, and sustainability.

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